Jubair; so the guy delivered a great live messenger in order to Aban b

Jubair; so the guy delivered a great live messenger in order to Aban b

Nubaih b. Wahb stated that ‚Umar b. Ubaidullah meant to wed web siteleri Talha b. ‚Umar to your daughter of Shaiba b. Uthman to go to the newest ir off Hajj. Aban told you: We heard ‚Uthman b. ‚Affan say that Allah’s Live messenger (will get peace feel abreast of him) had stated: Good Muhrim have to none get married themselves, nor plan the wedding of some other one, nor is the guy improve offer out of relationship.

Aban b

Nubaih b. Wahb claimed: Umar b. Ubaidullah b. Ma’mar sent me to Uthman.The guy ( Uthman) was at that time (busy) on the seasons of Pilgrimage.He said: I consider him as one of one’s desert (for it is a type of material) you to definitely a good Muhrim is none wed, neither are he said to be married to help you someone.It’s Uthman (b.Affan) who advertised this to help you united states of Allah’s Messenger (get peace be on him).

Uthman b. ‚Affan stated that Allah’s Live messenger (may comfort end up being through to your) had said: An effective Muhrim is always to neither marry himself, neither is always to the guy be had married so you can individuals, nor is always to he make suggestion regarding relationships.

Uthman as he wanted to improve offer of the marriage of their young man for the daughter out-of Shaiba b

‚Uthman (b.’Affan) advertised it straight from Allah’s Apostle (will get tranquility become up on your) he told you: A good Muhrim should neithermarry (for the reason that condition) nor improve proposition regarding wedding.

Nabaih b. Wahb reported that Umar b. ‚Ubaidullah b. Ma’mar designed to get married his son Talha into the daughter of Shaiba b. Jubair inside Pilgrimage. Uthman was at that time the fresh new Amir out-of Pilgrims.Thus he (‚Umar b. Ubaidullah) sent anyone (once the a good live messenger) to Aban stating: I intend to wed Talha b. ‚Umar and i actively focus you to be there here (within this ceremony off matrimony).Aban said to him: I have found your a beneficial stop-lead ‚Iraqi. We heard ‚Uthman b. ‚Affan claim that Allah’s Messenger (can get peace be up on your) said: A beneficial Muhrim shouldn’t get married.

Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with her or him) stated that Allah’s Apostle (will get peace become abreast of your) .Ibn Numair produced so it introduction: „I narrated it to Zuhri and then he told you: Yazid b. al-Asamm (Allah be happy with your)told me that he (brand new Holy Prophet) married their unique as he wasn’t a great muhrim.“

Ibn ‚Abbas (Allah appreciate him or her) reported: Allah’s Messenger. (can get peace become upon your) married Maimuna while he try a beneficial Muhrim.

Yazid b. al-Asamm said: Maimuna daughter off al-Harith narrated if you ask me one to Allah’s Live messenger (could possibly get tranquility become upon him) .And she (Maimuna) was my personal mom’s sis and this out of Ibn ‚Abbas (Allah appreciate them).

Ibn Umar (Allah appreciate them) advertised Allah’s Apostle (ongst you should outbid another inside a deal, nor will be he create proposals regarding wedding abreast of new offer produced from the anybody else.

Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with her or him) reported Allah’s Apostle (get peace getting on him) because the with said so it: A man must not enter into an exchange when their cousin (had already registered to the not finalised), and then he cannot generate proposition off marriage upon new proposal already made by his sister, up until the guy permits they.

Abu Huraira (Allah be happy with him) advertised Allah’s Apostle (may tranquility be upon your) while the which have taboo a beneficial dweller of your area offering the merchandise regarding an excellent villager or outbidding in the a sale (to make sure that some other might end up in an excellent snare), otherwise men making the offer out of marriage when his sister has produced such as a suggestion, otherwise stepping into a purchase when their cousin has recently registered; and a female asking the newest separation from their own brother in order to deprive their away from what is part of their own. ‚Amr produced it inclusion: „Anyone cannot purchase opposed to their brother.“

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