Russia’s indigenous cultural groups cautiously manage their national way of living by passing off family members rites and you may culture from the years

Russia’s indigenous cultural groups cautiously manage their national way of living by passing off family members rites and you may culture from the years

There’s two highest categories of the brand new Nenets anybody, the fresh new Tree Nenets and you can Tundra Nenets. Despite the big regions that they live-in, extending in the White Ocean into lower reaches of one’s Yenisei lake, most of the Tundra Nenets show the same people. Part of the areas of the traditional matrimony routine are exactly the same for everybody Nenets, but of course there were variations according to town, the fresh useful the household and life style of your own certain clan

Exogamous norms was indeed regarding first as considered whenever concluding marriages: marriage ceremonies might happen only anywhere between agencies of various clans. Economic factors had been also essential, including personal functions of one’s bride-to-be: her wellness, ability to performs, and you will experience.

The offer regarding relationship

Marriage from the provide used to be, and regularly is still, area of the variety of ong new Nenets anyone. Immediately after installing his attention into the an effective girl, an early on man together with his household members sat down to own good family relations council, where they talked about the brand new qualities of the girl and you can chose a great marriage agent. Oftentimes, the fresh groom’s mother could play the role of the wedding representative by herself.

To the a set time, the newest bridegroom together with ily. It reached the latest tent, also known as an excellent ‘chum‘, where father of your bride resided, additionally the wedding agent went inside so you can mention the reason for their arrival. A portion of the equipment of your own wedding representative is his professionals. The relationship representative first started because of the saying to your bride’s father: “Can be your child yourself or otherwise not”?

Should your girl’s father didn’t wanted his child so you can get married you to people for some reason, however maybe not answer the new proposal or requested good grand bridewealth.

If the father enjoyed this new groom, he been negotiating the amount of bridewealth on the wedding broker: the new bride’s father generated incisions to your employees add up to the latest quantity of deer the guy needs.

With agreed on new bridewealth, the wedding agent left the staff which was later on left from the the fresh new bride’s dad regarding sacred sledge. The amount of instance employees are equivalent to what amount of ily received several deer due to the fact progress, the marriage is actually felt build. The fresh new big date of your matrimony depended to your percentage while the way to obtain brand new dowry.

The new bridewealth was usually paid down up until the relationships, and its number relied into the groom’s wide range. The bulk of it absolutely was made up of deer, others is fur, content, etc. A big bridewealth improved the fresh new standing of bride.

Within bride’s tent

Into bride-to-be, the wedding date arrangements began having a shower and you may routine cleaning which have tobacco cigarette. Then her hair are styled: this new bride’s braids had been adorned that have jewellery, and you will she wear a unique piece of headgear titled “sudyr”. The key connection were a lot of time bogus braids. Nenets somebody had no unique wedding gowns, therefore the fiance dressed in their unique most feminine and this new attire generated of the finest-top quality skins.

For the put day, the fresh new groom with his household members put-on their finest outfits and went to the newest bride’s tent. The wedding argish – a good caravan of numerous deer sleds supposed one by one – might be a complete kilometre enough time.

After he came into the fresh new bride’s tent, the fresh groom manage push brand new sledge 3 times as much as it sunshine-smart, and after that this new bride’s household members exactly who stood beyond your tent rushed to catch the wedding broker, new bridegroom and all of almost every other website visitors. The reason for the bride’s nearest and dearest was to catch-all sledges riding in the full speed.

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