G Skill RAM Hits DDR4-6666 in New World Record

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  • To do so, the enthusiast used the new Intel Core i K processor, which has been overclocked to 7.7 GHz on all 10 CPU cores in another world record.
  • They know we possess the power to change our life completely, and this is why they are asking us to do that.
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  • Common and useful tasks, like ping and traceroute are built-in and can be executed as needed.

G.Skill and Asus were just 334.6 MHz short of hitting the mythical 7,000 MHz mark. Even at 6,665 MHz, the memory is already crossing into DDR5 territory. As announced today by G.Skill and Asus, an overclocker known as Bianbao has set the new world record for fastest DDR4 RAM at DDR (technically running at 6,665.4 MHz). To do so, the enthusiast used the new Intel Core i K processor, which has been overclocked to 7.7 GHz on all 10 CPU cores in another world record.

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